Showground (Stafford) Relays

For the second year the former Shugborough Relays were held at the Staffordshire Showground, now aptly named the Showground relays this event has been running since the early 1980’s and has always been a popular event. Despite at least one member forgetting the new location the Harriers were out in force with five teams entered and five full teams completed (without the need for repeated legs!) Proof that the Maroon is certainly rising!

For those not familiar with this event; it is truly a race for all. Office teams, school teams as well as running club teams make up the entries for this large event which makes for a great social event  – made special by Kate’s Cakes!35332505_10155761653743517_3894038816247250944_n

Biased media reporting (from me) says performance of the day goes to Harry Long (Pictured right)  who filled in at the last minute to run the fourth leg for one of the teams and despite his tender age of six he managed to clock a time of 19:18 for the two mile leg.

Overall the event was a success for the club with the return to action of Chris Thompson as well as seeing a return of the super vets. The aptly named “Super Vets” (none medically qualified by the way) consisted of former WBH elite Dave Jones, Pat  & Archie Powell and Bob Meek who for many years were the backbone to the club. It was great to see so many faces at the event and we hope you all follow in the footsteps of Mr Jones and we will see you all at club again soon.

The enjoyment was also evident to see and pleasing performances all round – a handful of comments about it being an easier session than a training night!


Gary Clifton 13.39, Stephen Coley 13.57, Dave Long  11.10 & Russell Collins 12.27 (51:14)

Elaine Donnelly 14.11, Chris Thompson 17.16, Dan Floyd 13.54 & Dave Kendall 14.18 (59:40)

Bob  Meek 15.52, Pat 15.08 Powell , Archie Powell  15.31 & Dave Jones 15.41 (total 62:14)

Charlie Long 17.28, Jenny Powell , 15.34, Emma Sheldon 19.20 & Harry Long 19.18 (71:40)

Kate Facey 17.29, Elaine Donnelly 16.59, Michelle Cresswell 20.11 & Tara Donnelly 19.53 (74:33)

Left – Chris Thompson

Centre – Gary Clifton (Kate Facey & Charlie in the background)

Right – Dave Long


Well done to all who ran. Many photos flying about on Facebook – far too many for this page to handle.





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