Summer Training Plan

Provisional training plan for July/August. Coach reserves the rights to alter the plan at any time.

All sessions posted and explained on the Facebook page as normal – The Tuesday before.

  Quality Session Notes
11th July 2018 Time trial – 5k.

Due to the World Cup Semi-final 18:30 start (see note). All welcome to watch England’s first semi-final win since 1966.

If you are starting at a different time have your start time recorded by someone in the bar (DL).
18th July 2018 Tow Path Fartlek.

1 mile warm up down to the Tow path by Bell.


Fartlek course taped out in advance (DL)

If heavy rain (tow path currently under maintenance)


Kastor speed endurance

6x1k (2min jog rec)

Gloucester road/Greaves Av/Athlone – Gillity recovery.


25th July 2018


13 x 400m efforts. Grass loops off Walstead Road/Ladbumum Road

5k pace.

1st August 2018 Grass session – 4 4 2

400/400/200 x 6


45 second recover between 400s. 2 minutes at the end of the set.

Greaves, Norman & Greenslade – alt venue.
8th August 2018 Canal Tow Path – Bud Session.

2 x 8 minute effort (2 recovery)

5 x 1 minute effort (take place on Walstead Road)


If heavy rain then Bud session on the road. (Bell Pub to Broadway turning Left)
15th August 2018 Alternate Pace Figure of 8.

Fig 8 loops – one circle at 5k pace next at 10K pace x 8.

If wet Athlone Circuits 15 minutes one way 15 opposite – with short walk recovery.
22nd August 2018 Kenyan Hills (Park Road to Beacon Road) recovery down Beacon Road)


Flat fast, hard hills. recovery down x 7


29th August 2018 8 8s.

800s with 1 minute recovery.


Greaves, Martin, Richard Roads as alternative location .
5th September Grass session

3x[1k(45) 400] (3)

Bottom 3 pitches = 1k

Extended pitch = 400


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