XC Coundon Park

Its the 9th November, the weather has turned really cold for the first time this autumn and you’re a West Bromwich Harrier – what do you do? Pile in a car and head up to Coventry to run through some muddy fields (obviously!)

First up the ladies team and following an earlier division 1 race the course was lovely and soft (good for your joints), muddy (good for you skin) and cold (good for character building).

The ladies did their very best out on the course and took lots of mud away with them so the men had less to contend with! (If only it worked that way…)

Ladies team post race – smiling because of the cake!

Next up the men’s team, the third race of the day and here comes the rain!

WBH were super proud to have 12 men battling the elements in the mud bath that the first two races left behind and they made it look effortless – some of them didn’t even look that muddy and Dave Long managed to find the time to fulfill his league secretary duties as well as running!

The majority of the men’s team before their race

There is a definite love/hate relationship with cross country. You hate it at the start and love it when you’ve finished – it really is true that once you’re wet and muddy it doesn’t bother you anymore and you do warm up once you get moving. It’s a great feeling to be part of this team and everyone involved should feel very proud of themselves.

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