Midland Counties Road Relays

The club managed to field three teams at the Midland Road Relays on warm and bright Saturday (25th October 2021). Growing numbers at training nights and a positivity around the camp lead to two men’s teams and two ladies being entered in to this historic and annual event. Sadly due to a number of late drop outs the men’s team was quickly reduced to one team but the ladies managed to keep the teams together showing the true depth of runners the club now has on the ladies side.

Out of the 14 runners who ran for the club there were 8 relay debuts – again showing how the clubs numbers have changed during the pandemic . The ladies teams (of 4) each ran a distance of just short of 3 miles finished in 85th and 88th place ; and the men (teams of 6) running just over 3.5 miles finished in 78th place.

(L-R) Heather Davies (26:16), Neve Prosser (27:17), Alex Moulton (22:59), Laura Walton (22:11), Rabina Begum (29:02), Rosemary Rhodes (21:09), Leah Kendall (25:06), Kate Facey (24:30)
(L-R) Dave Long, Eddie Long, Benjamin Stanaway (23:05), Paul O’Connell (29:50), Oli Moore (22:34), Dave Kendall (25:37) and Karl Moore (24:01) – On the train home – Harry Evens (22:22)

A big thank you to all those who ran and those who came along to support the club. the focus now moves to the lovely Cross Country Season.

Full results can be found here

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