Autumn road relays

Men’s 6 stage and woman’s 4 stage

24 September 2022

As always, the road relays were held in Sutton Park over an “undulating” 5.88k course that a few of us have ran many times before.

The women successfully fielded 1 team, captained by Alex Moulton (22.52) with Laura Walton (21.46), Laura Davis (28.20) and Leah Kendall (25.20) finishing 65th,improving on last year’s 85th and 88th.

We almost fielded 2 men’s teams but on the day we were one runner short.

In the men’s teams we had, ‘A’ Team, Ryan Deakin (20.07), Oli Moore (20.14), Daniel Anderson (23.54), Me (23.39) Dave Kendall (24.55) Ash (26.35) ‘B’ Team Chris Crabb (26.08), Chris Davis (28.58), Daniel Floyd (27.44), Rob White (28.20) and Gary Clifton (27.50).

For many it was the first time running this event so we were stepping into the unknown! Getting there was a challenge in itself as traffic around Sutton made it difficult but with some team rotation we all made it to the start line in time.

Well done to Chris Crabb for stepping up at the last moment to run the 1st leg which in my opinion is the hardest!

Also a special mention to Dan Floyd who bled for the cause, literally! He fell somewhere on the course but still finished and was treated St Johns Ambulance service.

The men’s ‘A’ team officially  finished 73rd an improvement on last year’s 78th.

Well done and I hope all who ran enjoyed it, and those that couldn’t will hopefully be ok for the Spring Relays next year where we need to field 12 for the men and 6 for the woman. 

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