Park Hall Country Park

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross Country League. Race 1

Division 3 Men & Division 2 woman


12th November 2022.

Our first race of the season was held at Park Hall Country Park in Stoke, the woman completed a 2-lap course of 3.8 miles and the men had 3 slightly longer laps including some wooded area totalling 6.4 miles.

We were spoilt with the weather, what started a misty morning turned into a dry and sunny afternoon. The course is unusual as it’s more trail than muddy fields, comparable to Sandwell valley or Cannock Chase with only a few muddy areas through the woods so trail shoes were the preferred option. Although the surface was good it was anything but flat! The hills were relentless with the only level ground at the first 200meters!

A big well done to the Alex for getting the team together with Helena making an instant impact on her return to the club by falling hurting her knee and shoulder, Michelle who was offered the option to run backwards, just as long as she ran! And Laura who was substitute for the relays but not only ran this time but volunteered for the men (saving us a 200point penalty) by being a marshal at the finish line. They all ran superbly to keep the woman’s team in the competition as they are short on numbers compared to last season, so lots of respect to them all and if you have never run a cross country race give it a go, it’s good fun, Honest!

It was a fantastic start to the season, and I hope everyone enjoyed the race, (you can see why we do hill sessions now)!

The next race is only 3 weeks away on December 3rd at Pittville Park, Cheltenham for the girls and Clopton Park, Stratford upon Avon for the men so we will have to go without the lemon drizzle cake that was very nice by the way thank you.

Apologies to Chris as I never managed to get his photo, and the only one i have is of his injured foot that’s to graphic to post on the internet!

Men’s results.
Woman’s results.

So until the next update keep safe and wear bright running gear. Karl.

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