Clopton Park Stratford on Avon

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross Country League

2022-2023 Season – Race Result Division 3 Race 2

This race was hosted by Stratford on Avon AC at Clopton Park.

Parking was in the town and about a 20-minute walk to the start, so with the woman running in Cheltenham we had no cakes, but Rob Mann had the doughnut holes! we decided the gazebo wasn’t needed. We all met at the registration table where Dom signed in as volunteer on dispersal duties making sure the runners keep moving away from the finish area. This is the position we are required to fill for the remaining races or forfeit 200 points.

The course was three hilly laps around the perameter of two fields and was suited to spikes with only one muddy area through the gates where the fields met. It was a damp morning, but the rain held off, the temperature was cold but not much cross wind, this made for another enjoyable race.

Another good turn out for the club with 9 runners and the obligatory volunteer. As part of my run leader qualification, I have to submit a 5-minute warm up routine and we decided to film it before the race. We didn’t look the most organised group of athletes and I’m sure we got some looks from the other clubs, but it was well worth doing and we may keep it for all pre races.

 With all the talk about running backwards last race Steve must have taken it literally and put his number on the back of his vest! We convinced him that show boating wasn’t allowed and moonwalking across the finish line would be frowned upon.  

Competition up front was fierce with Stratford fielding a strong squad finishing 1st on 53 points. Oli and Ryan ran well finishing 14th and 16th respectively, Daniel overtook me in the last K to gain 4 places, 87th and 92nd. Louis improved on his 1st race by 29 places finishing in 138th and Steve completed the scoring six in 153rd place giving us a total of 500 points and 10th position on the day. Rob White had a strong debut in 175th with Rob Mann and Dan Floyd finishing in 206th and 208th.

Race three is at Aldridge Airport on the 14th January for the men and woman so it would be great to get 2 teams out for the men and a good showing for the women. At the time of writing I’m waiting for the full report for the girls but I understand they fielded a full team again, so congratulations once again, but we definitely could do with a recruitment drive. Next report will be the Autumn catch up so if you raced over the last few months let me know.

Full Results,

Click to access 2022-12-03-M3.pdf

Hope to see you all for our evening with Blind Dave on Wednesday the 21st and at the boxing day handicap.

Merry Christmas, Karl.

Birmingham & Midlands Women’s Cross Country League – Race 2 

Prince of Wales stadium – 03.12.22 

This race was hosted by Cheltenham & County Harriers at Pittville Park. 

It was a slightly frantic day with last team adjustments and sorting kit out, however we arrived with just enough time to spare for a quick change of shoes and stretch to warm up. No gazebo or flag for the day so we camped down with the COBS to leave our bags by the start line. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photographs of the day as we had to shoot back to Birmingham for other commitments. 

The course was two fairly flat laps around the adjoining grounds of the Prince of Wales Sports Centre, which is set in the lovely park and paying fields in the heart of Cheltenham. There were a few mounds to run up and down and at one point in the course a small stream to run through, so our feet were very cold and wet for the course! But spikes were the correct shoe of choice for the terrain.  

With one member dropping out due to injury from the last race, and another being taken ill the day before the race, the ladies’ team were a smaller bunch than hoped for, but we still managed to get a full team out. The weather threatened to rain as we started the race but luckily it never came. Regardless, there was an abundance of mud along the route, which was mostly fields/grass with some rougher areas of terrain. Out of a field of 149, I came in at 74th with a time of 39.29, Laura W ran it in 39.48 in 84th, in 115th was Lena running in 43.09 and Laura D finished 144th, her time being 54.33. Well done to all who ran and thank you for coming out in the cold and wet! 

Full Results, 

Season’s greetings,  


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