Grand Prix Race 1, Sutton Park

Sutton Park parkrun

Starting at Banners Gate the course firstly takes us along trail paths and across a small wooden bridge, we then turn right along Lord Donegal’s Ride and up a steep gravel bank. We then continue on trail paths up to the Jamboree Memorial stone where we move onto tarmac. This is followed by a short out and back section before heading to the Model Aircraft Flying Field where we switch to grass and a downhill finish arriving at Longmoor Pool.

Our 1st grand prix race was at Sutton Park and we had a good turn out for one of the hardest races in the series with the infamous “hill of doom”! about 2k in. Only our Sandwell Valley Park Run being tougher.  Best age grading of four from six, so everyone has a chance of winning.

Age Grading

Age Grading takes your time and uses the world record time for your sex and age group to produce a score (a percentage). This score allows you to compare your personal performance against other people’s performances even though they might be a different age and a different sex to you – the higher the score the better the performance.

  • Standings
  • Karl MOORE
  • 74.72% age grade
  • 74.53% age grade
  • David KENDALL
  • 71.15% age grade
  • Oli MOORE
  • 68.80% age grade
  • Benjamin STANAWAY
  • 66.38% age grade
  • Rob WHITE
  • 65.74% age grade
  • Daniel ANDERSON
  • 65.39% age grade
  • Beverley Susan WARD
  • 64.57% age grade
  • Philip COLVER
  • 62.46% age grade
  • Tom HEYES
  • 60.88% age grade
  • 58.20% age grade
  • Ashish PATEL
  • 57.72% age grade
  • Kevin WISE
  • 57.52% age grade
  • Och SANDHU
  • 56.73% age grade
  • Nicola GIBSON
  • 55.21% age grade
  • Laura WALTON
  • 55.16% age grade
  • Alex MOULTON
  • 54.02% age grade
  • Michelle CRESSWELL
  • 43.80% age grade
  • Laura DAVIS
  • 40.93% age grade
  • Stephen PLUMMER
  • 39.50% age grade

If you ran this race but are not listed please sign in to your park run profile and update your details listing West Bromwich Harriers as your club.

Next race is on May the 13th at Dudley Park run that is mixed terrain with track, park, cannel and woodland trails!

Good luck everyone and don’t forget your bar code!


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