Virtual Grand Prix

Congratulations to Beverley Ward and David Page on winning the 2019 GP!

Due to the current global pandemic the 2020 Grand Prix has been cancelled without a single race being held.

For the Months of April/May/June a new Virtual Grand Prix has been established.

Most race distances from 800m to the half marathon have been included. All you need to do is find your route and record your effort using either a garmin or other smart device (see note below). You can do as many or as little as you wish with each event having its own league table.

Don’t be put off – each league table will also include an adjusted finishing time based on your age/gender using the age grading matrix from Master Athletics. Qualifying distance are:

800m (recorded as 0.5mile)
1 Mile
3k (recorded as 1.8mile)
5k (recorded as 3.11mile)
5 mile
10K (6.2mile)
10 Miles
Half Marathon (13.11 miles)


Recording via an app such as mapmyrun, Strava or other mapping software is recommended for evidence if no smart watch is used. Willing to take “honesty” times if no technology is generally used.

Runs must not be significantly down hill.

You can not run a longer distance and claim other distance on route (ie you cant run the half marathon then claim them all ) – each event has to be a separate recording on your smart device. you can however run a mile save the event then run another distance as this is seen as separate events.

Evidence currently to be sent to DL (whatsapp or email) until an entry platform is introduced.

Cut of Date for runs – 28th June. Uploaded/shared with DL by 30th June.


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