Training Nights

Official group training nights are Wednesday nights. With the last Sunday of the month also being popular for members to meet for a longer steady run.

Wednesday nights are based at Aston University Recreation Centre, Birmingham Road, Walsall. B43 7AJ, with a start time of 7pm.

Fee: £2.00 (new members/guest have 4 weeks for free)

Changing rooms and showers on site along with a bar for that post session beer. The long range training plan can be found below – this is a basic outline and the full details to the sessions are posted on our open Facebook page every Tuesday night.

Training night follow the following format:

Warm up – group run between 1 mile and 1.5 mile to the location of the main session.

Main session – detailed below. Please note that this is the full session below, this is adapted to each runner to make sure it is achievable and of benefit to their current fitness levels and training goals therefore do not be put off!!!  Ask for more detail.

Cool down –  group jog back to the club house.

Up and coming training sessions:

Session title Notes/training plan
31st July 12 x 400 (60 seconds) WBH session 11 – 400s
7th Aug Alt Pace 1k, 500m WBH Session 14 – Alt pace 1k 500s
14th Aug Red House Park Parlov WBH Session 7 – Red House Parlovs
21st Aug Canal Fartlek WBH Session 13 – Canal Intervals 3 Min efforts
28th Aug Kilo Cruises WBH session 10 – GRASS – 1k efforts
4th Sep Kenyan Hills WBH session 5 – Kenyan Hills – 2 x 10min hills
11th Sep One mile efforts x 4 (800 recovery) WBH Session 8 – 4x1mile (800)
18th Sep 2 x 1k then fartlek wbh session 9b – 2 x 1k then lamposts
25th Sep A to B session WBH Session 17 – A to B grass session pictures
2nd Oct 2k, (90), 1k (60) x 3 New session card to be added.
9th Oct 400, 400, 200 WBH session 12b – 4 4 2 – Road session
16th Oct 8 x 800m WBH session 1b  – alternative location 

WBH session 1c – half milers – 7 x 800s grass 

23rd Oct Ladder session 5 (4), 4 (3), 3 (2), 2 (1), 1 Card will replace this but the session is the same:

WBH session 18 – Grassy Ladder session

30th Oct Bud session WBH session 3 – Bud Session

Questions or for training advice post on our facebook page or email

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