Training Nights

Group training nights are Wednesday nights. With many of the club organising a longer run on the weekends.

Wednesday nights are currently starting from Dartmouth Central Club, Devonshire Drive, West Bromwich, B71 4AA

We have scrapped our weekly training fee – so week nights are free!

Currently we do not have access to changing rooms and showers on site along however a bar for that post session beer is in operation – bring a change of clothes!

Training night follow the following format:

Warm up – group run between 1 mile and 1.5 mile to the location of the main session.

Main session – the focus on Wednesday nights is speed work – this type of training will help you achieve your running goals by boosting your Cardio fitness levels. Sessions are tailored to your ability.

Cool down –  group jog back to the club house.

Up and coming training sessions:

Session title Notes/training plan
2nd Sept 20 800s (90 seconds recovery)
9th Sept 20 Hill Circuits
16th Sept 20 Pyramid Session
23rd Sept 20 1k efforts (new location)
30th Sept 20 400, 400, 200
7th Oct 20 1 mile efforts
14th Oct 20 400s
21st Oct 20 1k alternative pace 1k. (1k@5k pace, 1k@10k pace)
28th Oct 20 5k time trial – Handicapped

Questions or for training advice post on our facebook page or email

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